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Twain Harte MovieMax outdoor theater

Exclusive opening night coverage!

Chez Paul is proud to bring you exclusive coverage of opening night at the Twain Harte MovieMax Outdoor Theater. This is news you won't find anywhere else!

MovieMax outdoor theater

Bob and Carolyn took movie night with friends to a whole new level on Saturday and Sunday when they presented screenings at the immodestly dubbed Twain Harte MovieMax Outdoor Theater. The gently sloping driveway at their mountain retreat was transformed by the installation of a big screen, custom built by Bob with the able assistance of his friend Paul, and comfortable seating. With Jim's new InFocus projector, speakers, and popcorn, the conversion was complete. Both walk-in and drive-in viewers were easily accommodated, and the venue is wheelchair accessible.

Bob wires for sound

Preparations for the evening festivities began mid-afternoon as Bob and guests attended to the technical setup and checking of all components: hanging the big screen, setting up the projector, wiring for sound.

Bob grills beef kabobs

After a delicious dinner of beef kabobs, salad, garlic bread, and choice of wine, guests settled onto the couch and chairs to watch Tin Cup starring Kevin Costner. Soft mountain breezes, the gentle rustling of pine boughs, the cheerful chirping of crickets, and the twinkling of stars against the indigo sky created an incomparable experience of cinéma en plein air.

Passers-by noted the screening with amazement and perhaps a touch of envy. One man, out for a stroll, remarked to his female companion, "Wow, that's incredible!" Unable to immediately comprehend that this stunning presentation was taking place outdoors, she asked, "Is that their living room?"

Guests gave this movie experience:

Behind the scenes. Our coverage continues with a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of the MovieMax screen.

Bob designed the screen to consist of a simple PVC-pipe frame with an ordinary bedsheet stretched over it. The sheet was attached to the pipe with strips of Velcro™. Thus it can be easily disassembled for storage or transport to other exotic locations.

Frame of PVC pipe Building the frame
Bob with screen Ta-da!

Of course, the whole process was documented. Watch for The Making of MovieMax, coming soon to a screen near you.

Videocam records construction for posterity