Chez Paul


The Senate death panel

| When the House passed its version of Trumpcare, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA), Trump invited House members to the White House to celebrate, calling the bill "a great plan, I actually think it will get even better." A few weeks and another mood swing later, he called it "mean." Right the second time. more


Another staff shake-up chez Paul

| Fiona has been with me since May 20, 2014 when she came home with me from Costco to assume the role of carpet and floor sweeper. Her tenure came to an abrupt end this week with the arrival of Dusty. more


Memorial Day 2017

| The usual suspects observed Memorial Day chez Paul in the usual way: drinking, feasting, mocking, and recognition of the day. In particular, we toasted John F Kennedy, born 100 years ago, whose assassination was only the beginning of terrible years of assassinations, riots, and war. more


Trump is afraid, very afraid

| Well, this is a fine kettle of fish. Just enough people in just the right states voted for Donald Trump to make him president. And now that he is, he finds himself in way over his head, unable to bend Washington to his will the way he has plowed through his previous life as a businessman. It's making him frustrated, angry, and desperate. more


He was warned

| Yesterday we finally got to hear from Sally Yates, the Acting Attorney General fired by Donald Trump in the wake of his Muslim ban and just a few days after she told the White House that Michael Flynn had been compromised and subject to blackmail by the Russians. more

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Photos by Rene Koster of a voyage to the South Pole: "I traveled with a sailing ship which was built in 1911; the same period the last great expeditions left for the unknown continent. Thoughts of frozen ships trapped in ice-covered seas cross my mind, images of the photographers who joined these expeditions to report of the unexplored. Fascinated by their stories I head for the same circumstances as those of the early twentieth century. A journey of longing, to a time that once was. An heroic saga; filled with hardship and adventure, in an infinite, barren land."
The stunning results of a photographer’s epic journey to the South Pole (Washington Post)