Chez Paul


Amazon has shipped my Apple iPhone

| On Monday I received a remarkable notice from, informing me that my "Apple iPhone 7 AT&T 128 GB (Jet Black) Locked to AT&T" has shipped. Remarkable because I had not ordered an iPhone. more


Flaky Fiona

| My Roomba vacuum cleaner, doing business as "Fiona," is nearly three years old, having been purchased in May of 2014. more


Superbowl 2017

| Since 1999, a stalwart group of friends have observed the quasi-official national holiday called the Super Bowl by assembling at some central location to eat, drink, be merry, and more-or-less watch the game, er, commercials. This year's location was in Pismo Beach, a charming little city on California's Central Coast. more


Gotcha! Got me!

| Last weekend I received an innocent-looking email from my friend Jim. It turned out that his good name was being used to mislead his friends. more


Trump to press: This is war!

| Trump just declared war on the press. On Saturday he sent his press secretary out to excoriate the press for deliberately mis-reporting the number of people who had attended his inauguration. more

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Photos by Rene Koster of a voyage to the South Pole: "I traveled with a sailing ship which was built in 1911; the same period the last great expeditions left for the unknown continent. Thoughts of frozen ships trapped in ice-covered seas cross my mind, images of the photographers who joined these expeditions to report of the unexplored. Fascinated by their stories I head for the same circumstances as those of the early twentieth century. A journey of longing, to a time that once was. An heroic saga; filled with hardship and adventure, in an infinite, barren land."
The stunning results of a photographer’s epic journey to the South Pole (Washington Post)